PuL Project Goals

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Future-Oriented Solutions

The goal of the PuL project is to optimize and harmonize the processes surrounding exam and course management and student and fee management for Central University Administration and the faculties at RWTH Aachen. The processes should be shaped so that they are manageable and transparent. At the same time IT support is striven for, where it makes sense. Many processes at RWTH Aachen have been supported by software solutions for many years.

At the moment the faculties and administration work with different IT systems: the faculties work with CAS CAMPUS, and the administration works with HIS. RWTH Aachen aims for an integrated IT solution, that addresses all central requirements that arise from the Student-Life-Cycle. For this purpose, a new integrated Campus Management System will be introduced as part of the PuL project, taking over for the old systems. The new software is called RWTHonline. Interim solutions developed within the university will help wherever the need for action was greatest until the new software is implemented.

The PuL project aims to optimize processes that run independent from software implementation before the new software is introduced. Processes such as the futher development of an existing course of study will be tested as part of the Process Analysis and Reorganization.