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Volleyleicht ist University Sports' volleyball tournament in the winter semester.  Volleyball enthusiasts of all levels are welcome to participate. We look forward to your registration!

What? Volleyleicht Volleyball Tournament
Where? Sporthalle Königshügel
Cost 5 Euros



Cord Dassler



Registration Rules

Participants register online. All interested individuals, regardless of tournament experience, can register. Participants are not required to register as a team. Individual participants are welcomed and will be integrated into a team the day of the tournament. All teams need to have at least 2 women players. All participants must register as present with the tournament director by 11 noon the day of the event.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is five Euros per person.


The top three players will receive a certificate, medal, and prize.

Game Mode

Participants play in teams of six or seven and compete for first through twelfth place. A game lasts 25 minutes, after which there is a five minute break. The clock is not stopped. The start of the game, changeover, and game end are signaled centrally. The second set begins immediately without a central whistle once players have taken their positions. The game system could be changed due to organizational requirements.

Rules of the Game

The tournament is played according to the official rules of the German Volleyball Association.


The University Sports Center will provide the balls.


Important: Please consider that refreshments will not be available in the sports hall.



Sporthalle Königshügel


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Insurance Protection

Unlike the other University Sports offers, there is no additional insurance coverage when participating in this event. We strongly recommend acquiring your own insurance protection.